Arifoglu Organic Honey Pollen Soap (Turkish)

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In Turkish folklore, the bee seems like the most hardworking creatures. Let our Arifoglu Organic Honey Pollen Soap (Turkish) work hard on your skin the perfect it. By the way, this is a totally organic product. So, why should you do? You should buy this soap.

  • Organic: Like all the other soaps we sell, this honey pollen soap is %100 organics. All the ingredients of this soap are natural. The ingredients are the following. Olive oil, Coconut Oil, pure water, honey, pollen, and propolis combination. If you have any allergies to these ingredients don’t buy this product.
  • Refresh your skin: The most known beneficial effect of this soap is to refresh your skin to the depths of it. Each time you use this soap you will feel as alive as a newborn.
  • A sweet smell: The smell of honey reminds people of a sweet thing. Who doesn’t want to smell like sweet things? Use this honey pollen soap and be the queen bee of the streets.
  • Gift: This soap would be a great gift for anyone of your friends. You will be giving the message of you are the sweet person in my life. Who doesn’t want to be treated that way?


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Arifoglu Organic Honey Pollen Soap (Turkish)
Arifoglu Organic Honey Pollen Soap (Turkish)

Out of stock