Caykur Diyarbakır Turkish Black Tea 400g (14.10oz)

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Çaykur Diyarbakır Turkish Black Tea is produced as suitable for the palate taste of Eastern and South Eastern Anatolia. The taste and aroma of the tea is intense.

Black tea has a history of 5000 years. But it came to Turkey from 1800’s and soon took its place in Turkish culture.

Black tea is served everywhere in Turkey. Black tea is a piece of the traditional culture in Turkey. It is indispensable in daily life. You can see in every home black tea and teapot.

Black tea is an indispensable type of beverage both in hot weather and cold weather. It is a traditional hot drink which is consumed all day long in coffeehouses, homes, every friendly environments.

In the morning, tea and bagel are mostly consumed together and one of the ordinary breakfast kinds. Fresh tea and hearty bagel are indispensable tastes for Turkish people. It is a preferred option as a quick breakfast. In Turkey, you can encounter a lot of people who have breakfast in this way.

Çaykur Diyarbakır Turkish Black Tea is a special blended gift tea produced from carefully selected tea shoots. If you like the intense tea taste and smell, should try Çaykur Diyarbakır Turkish Black Tea.

It is sold in special packages of 400 gr.

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Warning: If you are taking any medication and the same time want to consume too much of tea, firstly it is recommended to consult your doctor.

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Çaykur Diyarbakır Turkish Black Tea
Caykur Diyarbakır Turkish Black Tea 400g (14.10oz)

Out of stock