Certified Fossil Particle Has Amber Bracelet

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Certified Fossil Particle Has Amber Bracelet is an original piece. The fossil pieces and the amber itself is certified by an experienced specialist. This exclusive bracelet will be a distinctive and unique item that has no other copy of it in the world. The elegant design will suit any outfit you have. If you are keen on the authenticity the signed certificate will come within the box it is shipped.  The fossils inside the beads are from petrified plants and animals that died eons ago. With this nice piece of jewelry you will carry prehistoric eras.

Order Amber Bracelet with fossil particles now and we will ship it right to you.

An intriguing and unmatched piece: The amber beads contain a different piece of fossil in it. Both the amber and the particles in it are very old. With this bracelet you can take a look in the time that dinosaurs walked the earth.

Made by hand: Raw amber pieces are molded into the beads on the bracelet by a master jewelery maker with hand.


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Certified Fossil Particle Has Amber Bracelet

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