Green Zircon Stone Claw Design Sultan Ring

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Green Zircon Stone Claw Design Sultan Ring has an eye-catchingly green zircon stone that is dwelled from the natural caves in Turkey. Thering has an original silver basing that is carved with authentic shapes. These types of bright stone rings are mostly preferred by ruler class in Ottoman times. The green stone symbolizes the unshakeable will power and stability, while the silver symbolizes the wealth and elegance of the person wearing it. The nice flower on the stone resembles the sympathy and the mercy of the sultan.

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Hand made with the real materials: This ring is forged by the masters of the craft. The silver basing and the zircon stone is from the local sources. The materials are chosen one by one by the the artist and the assembling the ring is made with extra care.

Treat yourself with something unique to you: Since the ring is hand made every detail is made has its unique nuances to it.


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Green Zircon Stone Claw Design Sultan Ring

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