HazerBaba Turkish Delight (Lokoum) Chocolate 350g (12.25oz)

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Delicious Turkish delights combined with delicious chocolate! Chocolate as a guest of your happy moments is now in HazerBaba Turkish Delight (Lokoum)! Spice up for the tastes! You are at the correct address to order!

  • The Most Beautiful Form of Chocolate: Chocolate is known for its pleasurable properties. Chocolate goes well with Turkish delight, which is a traditional Turkish flavor. A unique flavor! Buy it and make yourself and your loved ones happy!
  • Lokoum, a Traditional Taste: Take a tour with traditional flavors! Access a different taste with flavors that are unique to Turkey.
  • HazerBaba Quality: HazerBaba brand with a successful brand in Turkey, has the flavor of delight, produced according to the highest standard of health. One box weighs 350 grams. It pleases you and your loved ones with its delicious taste. You can buy HazerBaba delights, which has been producing with years of wisdom and expertise.
  • Safe Online Shopping: You can experience a safe online shopping opportunity. Do not search where to buy a box of Turkish delight, you can order with peace of mind. Reach the flavor which comes from quality!
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HazerBaba Turkish Delight (Lokoum) Chocolate 350g (12.25oz)

Out of stock