Hbmic Whitening Eye Cream 30 Ml (1,01floz)

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Grandbazaarist is not a platform in Turkey that only sells the cultural products of Turkey.  Hbmic Whitening Eye Cream 30 Ml is a skincare product that helps you to prevent the harmful effect of the sun. If you want to have this whitening eye cream, you can order on Grandbazaarist from Turkey.

Whitening: If your skin has a facial spot, you need to hide it with a whitener. Hbmic Whitening Eye cream is a whitener skin care product to help you to hide the spots on your contour.

Arrange The Tone Of Your Skin: Your makeup is your unique appearance in the day. You might be want to lighten your face. This eye cream helps you to arrange the tone of your skin.

How To Apply? First, your skin should be clean to apply this cream. After that, you are able to apply this eye cream just by creating a thin layer on your skin under your eyes. After that, you can wait for a while to be sure. It’s done.

Ingredients: Nicotine amid and Centella Asiatica Extract. Those ingredients are the ingredients that help Asian people to whiten their skin. Also, this cream prevents the emergence of spots on your skin.

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Hbmic Whitening Eye Cream 30 Ml (1,01floz)

Out of stock