Morfose Hair Styling Wax 4 150 ml (5,07floz)

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If you are looking for an efficient hair styling wax on Grandbazaarist, you can give Morfose Hair Styling Wax 4 150 ml a shot. Rather than boring and lame black styling wax boxes, you are able to have a cool red styling wax box. If you want this hair care product from Turkey you can buy it online on Grandbazaarist.

Create Your Unique Style: With the help of this legendary hair styling wax, you will be able to be the different one in the masses!

Be Careful About Your Rastas: If you are doing rasta, you shouldn’t overuse this styling wax. Because it can harm your hair because it’s too strong.

How to Apply? You can apply this Morfose Hair Styling wax as the following. First, take a little wax into your fingers. If it’s too hard, you can make it smoother with the help of a hairdryer. After that, you are free to create your new style. Make sure, you don’t overuse.

Attention: You should rinse your hair when you go to sleep. If wax stays so long, it can harm your hair. Also, you should be careful when you make rasta. It’s a fragile thing to apply for rastas.


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Morfose Hair Styling Wax 4 150 ml (5,07floz)