White Tea Turkish 70 gr (2.47oz)

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Meet a different tea taste: White Tea, Turkish! Order for a unique tea experience!

  • What is White Tea? It occurs as a result of collecting the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant before full maturation. Since the leaves are not fully mature, they have a white hairy appearance. White tea got its name from this.
  • Benefits: White tea helps strengthen your memory. It helps to meet your daily energy. Since it contains antioxidants, it also has benefits for skin health. It strengthens the immune system. The substance called catechin in it is a substance that accelerates fat burning.
  • For Your Tea Hours: You can brew white tea for your special tea times. White tea is calorie-free when consumed sugarless. Order now for a tea that tastes different and softer than regular tea!
  • Quality Service: You can buy products prepared with Arifoglu quality with peace of mind and recommend them to your loved ones. A package of white tea contains 200 grams. Packaged in hygienic conditions and presented to you.
  • Safe Delivery: We follow all hygienic rules for your health! You do not doubt that your products will reach you safely. Choose us and order for a safe delivery!
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White Tea Turkish
White Tea Turkish 70 gr (2.47oz)