4 x Soaps (Bittim Laurel Cinnamon Clay)

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Enjoy the moment you spent in the bathroom with this special offer for natural Turkish soaps. 4 x Soaps (Bittim Laurel Cinnamon Clay) are very unique beauty soaps which got produced in the eastern part of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, Turkey.

  • Quadruple beauty secret: The soap set includes four different harmonic types. Each soap has a different theme but all of them equally as 100g. The bittim soap has made of peanut shell oil. It embodies wild pistachio (bittim) and Terebinth. The clay soap helps with the purification of the skin.
  • Laurel and cinnamon: While bittim and clay soap helps with cleansing the pores naturally, cinnamon and laurel soaps add an original touch of scent and softness.
  • Handmade authenticity: 4 x Soaps (Bittim Laurel Cinnamon Clay) is a product of professional handmade labor that has a specific mission to elevate your joy of bathroom and condition of your beautiful skin. If you are into spoiling yourself with natural handmade love, buy 4 x Soaps (Bittim Laurel Cinnamon Clay) now on Grand Bazaarist. Gift it to yourself and the loved ones.
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4 x Soaps (Bittim Laurel Cinnamon Clay)