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During the Ottoman period, people understood each other's profession, what they were interested in, and what disease they caught, from their rosaries. It is scientifically accepted that the precious stones used in rosary making are good for many diseases. The value of the prayer bead is determined by the material used, the size, color, tone, processing and craftsmanship of the imam. Prayer bead making can take days, weeks or even months, depending on the design and the valuable material used. Handmade prayer beads are a complete work of art, in the hands of the master is almost stitched and each of them has art. The prayer bead types you can find on website are made of amber, oltu stone and stubble tree. Amber is the fossilized resin of the pine variety. It strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, is used for therapeutic purposes for respiratory diseases, migraine and tooth pain, and ensures the regular functioning of the intestines. Pray bead made of Oltu stone collects negative energy in the body and reduces stress. Ancient Egyptians believed that oltu stone nurtured the mind and intelligence, they carried Oltu stone with them. Oltu stone is composed of fossilized wood resins just like amber. You can buy hand-made Prayer beads from amber, oltu stone and stubble tree on website right away at affordable prices, and you can contribute to your health without using medicine. Backgammon is the oldest strategic war game in history. It was invented by Büzur Mehir, the vizier of the Persian shah Nevşiyan, one thousand four hundred years ago. 6 to 6 households in backgammon represent 12 months. 15 light and 15 dark stamps represent 30 days of the month, while light and dark colors represent day and night. There are around 4500 moves in the backgammon, which requires mastery, but the dice symbolize luck and also includes the chance factor. You can buy one of the best handmade backgammon types on our website at affordable prices and you can have the oldest strategy game in history. The belief that the evil eye bead protects people from evil eyes has been accepted as a powerful charm in many cultures and religious beliefs throughout history. Evil eye beads are usually eye-shaped. Blue stones are generally used in the construction, which are believed to have absorbing properties to protect them from bad eye. You can protect yourself from evil eyes with the evil eye bead you will buy from website.
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