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Tea is indispensable for our tables with its warmth. The history of tea in the Chinese Empire BC. Dates back to 2737. Rumor has it that Shen Yung, one of the first Chinese emperors, witnessed the tea leaves falling into the water and giving color. And the centuries-long pleasant journey of tea begins. Today, Turkey is one of the most important manufacturers in the world of tea. Besides, with the average annual per capita tea consumption is 6.87 kg per capita per year as well, Turkey is one of the most tea consuming country in the world. Originally used for medical purposes, tea becomes a pleasant drink that cannot be dispensed with. Turkish fruit teas are produced completely natural without adding food that can change its acidity. It can be consumed in four seasons and it is preferred for both health and pleasure. There is no standard for fruit teas sold outdoors, as the production and hygiene conditions until your cup is not fully known. For this reason, we recommend you to pack fruit teas. You can find Turkish fruit teas which are produced and packaged in a healthy way at the most reasonable prices on our website and you can reach our products with its healthy, delicious, soft and refreshing content with one click. Now let's give you some information about some of our products. Turkish Rosehip Fruit Tea is carefully collected, cleaned with precision, then dried and divided into small pieces, so that it can give its aroma, color, smell and vitamin more quickly and intensely in hot water. We recommend you to consume the tea bags that we produce from rosehip, which is the richest fruit of vitamin C, for protection from diseases and for a healthy life. Turkish blackberries consist of fruit tea, apple, okra flower, elderberry and blackberry. It gets its taste, aroma, color from real fruit grains, it is very pleasant to drink, it has a pungent taste and it has a smell of natural blackberries, it has a purple red color. Health and hygiene rules are strictly followed in every process from collection, cleaning and drying of fruit to cleaning and packaging. Turkish apple fruit tea contains apple, okra flower, cinnamon and chicory leaves. The fruits are meticulously divided into small pieces that make up the apple tea, leaving the aroma, color and taste of the apple tea in the water naturally. It contains no additives. The smell of warm, light cinnamon apples is intensely felt and refreshes the person, the color and consistency of red sweet apples. It consists of Turkish mixed fruit tea, rose hip, orange peel, apple, chingula, strawberry particle and aroma. There maker. The taste of rosehip combined with the sweetness of apples creates a different and pleasant taste. You can contribute to your body health by ordering different Turkish fruit teas from our website; www.grandbazaarist.com and you can benefit from your pocket at reasonable prices.
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