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Bathhouses, for centuries has been one of the most important elements of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey and colorful culture. In Turkish culture, Turkish baths have been used not only for cleaning and health purposes, but also for social and cultural activities and have been used for rituals such as birth, marriage and death.

In Turkish Culture, when the materials used in the bath are mentioned, the first ones that come to mind are soap and peshtemal. On our website, you can find a variety of health-friendly, herbal-containing soap types, and natural products, delicately touched and peshtemal varieties at the most affordable prices. Now let's give some information about some of these products.

A thin rectangular weave that is wound down the waist is called Turkish Pestemali. It is used by knotting because it is seamless. The person to wear the peshtemal wraps the fabric around itself and then fastens the two ends by knotting each other. Peshtemal is widely used in Turkish baths and saunas. Thanks to its fine structure, it is highly permeable and can be used as bath towels in saunas, pools and sea, and in houses. It is easy to carry with its slim structure and is ideal for sports activities.

In our web site, traditional and modern lines and different types of loincloth are offered to your liking at very reasonable prices.

The use of soap BC dates back to six thousand, as old as human history. Nowadays, natural soaps prepared with various plant extracts are known for their proven benefits, which are effective in many areas from acne, wrinkles and sagging to hair care.

Turkish Organic Rice Oil Soap enriches the skin with its rice protein, cleans excess oils, cares for the skin and gives a clear appearance, restoring a healthy and healthy skin. Nourishes hair and gives a good appearance.

With its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Turkish Organic Sulfur Soap eliminates pimples, balances the formation of fat, opens pores, removes black spots, improves skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and especially fungi, and itches.

With its antiseptic and cell regeneration feature, it regenerates the cells in the hair, kills germs and allows the scalp to breathe easily.

Turkish pure olive oil soap contains all the useful minerals in olive content. Since ancient times, women have used it for the beauty of hair and skin, nourish hair follicles with their natural content, prevent shedding and provide rapid growth.

Turkish Tea Tree Soap prevents blemishes and excess lubrication on skin and tightens pores. Turkish Turmeric Soap, detoxifying the skin because of the antioxidant effect of zerdecal, rests, gives a fit appearance.

Animal fat, caustic and paraben-free, all-natural products at very reasonable prices you can buy online from our website.

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