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Turkish Coffee is the name of the coffee preparation and cooking method discovered by the Turks. It has a unique identity and tradition with its special taste, foam, smell, cooking and treat.

The fact that the Turks used to cook the coffee in a unique way was made known as Turkish Coffee. Raw coffee beans were roasted in pans, pounded in pits, cooked in special pots and served to the most respected friends with great care in the cup.

Today, Turkish coffee is made by boiling the medium roasted and finely ground coffee in water for a short time with or without sugar. Nowadays, you can make classic with copper and nickel coffee pots, and you can enjoy the insatiable taste of coffee with Turkish coffee machines.

The presentation of coffee is as important as cooking. Coffee cups are among the most stylish accessories of Turkish kitchens. In the traditional Turkish culture, the serving and presentation of Turkish Coffee is an indicator of love, respect and value given to guests. For this reason, the coffee cups served are important. Authentic fortune is an integral part of coffee pleasure and conversation, according to the shape of the coffee after the cup is interpreted fortune, business, money, love, fortune, read, is an tradition as old as coffee history.

On web site you can buy different types of coffee pots and Turkish coffee machines, tile stone, smoking mud and mostly porcelain cups that will turn coffee into a feast.

Tea entered the life of the Turks, brewing method and consumption of tea with a certain type of special culture has been formed. Tea is the most consumed beverage after water, at any time of the day, at breakfast, during breaks, chats, hospitality.

Naturally, the brewing and presentation way of such a popular beverage is important. When brewing Turkish style tea, teapot are used. After the water in the kettle is boiled, it is placed in the upper teapot and tea is added to the top, then water is added to the teapot and left to boil again. When the water in the kettle boils, the fire is cut down and waiting for ten or fifteen minutes. Served with Turkish tea glasses or cups.

You can buy tea pot set for brewing tea in Turkish style, and you can buy cup and Turkish tea cups at reasonable prices from our website and you can honor yourself and your guest.

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