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Hacı Bekir

Hacı Bekir is the oldest brand in Turkey. The foundation of the company dates back to 1777. The company started as a small candy store but it is the best and most famous dessert manufacturer of Turkey today. As Grandbazaarist, we are proud to offer you the products of the best traditional Turkish dessert manufacturer at our shop and we strongly recommend its products to you if you want to buy the best Turkish desserts online for you or your loved ones who live outside of Turkey.

Buy Hacı Bekir Turkish Desserts At Grandbazaarist

We offer you lots of Hacı Bekir products  at our online shop. You can browse them easily and you can buy the products that you liked most.  For example, one of the most popular products that we offer to you at our online shop is Haci Bekir Turkish Delight with Extra Pistachio – 250 gr. This product would be a perfect choice for you if you want to taste traditional, classical Turkish delight.  It’s the most traditional version of delight, which contains extra pistachio. It would be a great gift for your loved ones. The aroma and flavor of that delight is really unforgettable.

Another version of Turkish Delight from Hacı Bekir, that you can order online at our website is Haci Bekir Assorted Nuts Turkish Delight, 200gr. It is also a classical version of Turkish Delight but that version has also nuts in it.

Hacı Bekir Rose Flavored Turkish Delight is another type of Turkish Delight that you can order online at Grandbazaarist.  As you can understand from its name,  it has the flavor and aroma of rose in it. If you like to try traditional, mystic flavors, this type of Turkish delight is a good choice for you.  The product that you choose will be delivered to your home address within days, by the best shipping company of Turkey.

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