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Traditional Natural Pomegranate Tea
Rachel Silver (Columbia, US)
Shipping is expensive, but the taste is worth it!

After buying pomegranate tea in Turkey last year, I began adding some of it to our steeped, iced tea. Pomegranate lent such a bright and distinctive note! When it had all been used, I immediately sought more. This order arrived quickly and was just as fragrant and delicious as what I'd initially purchased. Good job!! I'll be back.

Turkish Dried Lemon Tea Powder
Dusan (Belgrade, RS)

Excellent tea

Excellent tea.

Fertimax Macun Paste for Female 8.11oz 230g
Olatunde Olabamidele Mamukuyomi
Perfect recipe

Exactly as promised!


It is good

Dogadan Hidden Garden Black Tea 1000 g (35.2oz)
Esteban Alvarado (San Antonio, US)

Very, very good, in fact it has helped me and my family reduce a little weight, we drink warm/hot tea at breakfast and then at lunch when possible and a night cap.

Don’t Recieve Item

I still didn’t receive the item i ordered.I want to know the status of my order

The worst

They stole my money and sent me damaged baklava and never issued a refund

King Epimedium Herbal Paste Mix 240g (8.46oz)
Zahir Dhunjibhoy (Mumbai, IN)

Super service

Hazelnut Butter 6.3oz 180g
Ali Samikoglu (Minneapolis, US)
Fiskobirlik hazelnut paste

This not Nuttella. It is crushed hazelnut with sugar. To my knowledge only Fiskobirlik makes this product. It is great, if a little bit of an acquired taste. I reccomend ordering a small jar
first and, if you love it, order in bigger jars. A note of caution - if you love it, you will LOVE it and eat it from the jar in spoonfulls.

Hafız Mustafa Turkish Apple Tea 75gr (2.65oz)
Pablo Sundblad (Vicente Lopez, AR)
Mustafa tea apple

Excelent the shipping. the product arrive so fast

Product never received

I never received my item

Awful company

They sent us damaged products and wouldn't give a refund. We filed a fraud alert with our credit card company.

Haci Bekir Plain Turkish Delight
Ali Samikoglu (Minneapolis, US)
Plain turkish delight - best

Haci Bekir is the gold standard in turkish delight. They invented it and they still make the best.

Excellent Saray Helva

This vendor is the only one I was able to find Koska Saray Helva who would also ship to US. When it comes to helva, Koska is the premium brand so no issue with quality. I wish it came in larger packages.

Q7 Chocolate Epimedium 35g (1.23oz) 12 Pieces
Centrum Kruiden paradijs (Amsterdam, NL)



Great service
Great product


Natural Mango Tea
Anonymous (Gatineau, CA)
Mango tea

I ordered mango is good, not the best but acceptable, I will order again..I liked the apple tea, but Turkish delights, didn’t like..can’t compare with Turkish delight I bought myself from Istanbul
But tea for sure I will order again
Thank you!

Very good with zero side effect👍

Turkish Dried Pomegranate Tea Powder
Arnaldo Bizzocchi (Rimini, IT)
Non va bene come vi siete comportati

Nonostante i 50 messaggi mandati, all’inizio mi avete risposto, poi non mi avete più considerato. Tutta la merce è rientrata da voi e non si riesce ad avere un dialogo per il rimborso o per trovare un modo per la nuova spedizione

The best option

Confiable. Safe place for buy .
Stupendous product

Highly recommended

Sahimerdan Epimedium Mesir Paste Turkish Macun
Flávio Valadão de Freitas Flavio (Bauru, BR)

Sahimerdan Epimedium Mesir Paste Turkish Macun