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Have you eaten Turkish delight before?

my favorite sweetie. It is impossible not to like Turkish delight I recommend to everyone

İ bought delight and love it thank you for good service.

This is the best Turkish Delight I've had on this side of the Atlantic. Mind you, it's been 10 years since I had a box from Harrod's, but I am pretty sure the Hafız Mustafa Delight is just as good if not better. Not only is the texture (firm but tender, NOT chewy) and flavor (perfumey but not sickly rose) WONDERFUL, but the small-bite size is absolutely perfect. Turkish Delight is a really sweet candy, so it's nice to have a little piece that doesn't overwhelm, and that is relatively neat to consume in spite of the confectioner's sugar that coats it. If this is your first Turkish Delight, you'll understand why Edmund was willing to sell out his siblings to get more.

10 Point its like a nuts i can not stop eating i will order agaian thank you for fast shipping 👍

packaging, flavor and freshness quite successful, i am sure i will order again

It's all were very tasty and well packaged

I could say the most delicious turkish delight i've eaten also thanks for the nice packaging and fast shipping.

this is my favorite flavor , thanks for your interesnt and quality poduct

I ordered it for the first time and was very satisfied, the product is very fresh and tastier than I expected

I received it in two days very delicious and fresh

Thanks for fast shipping and fresh product

It was unbileviable taste . You need to try . I am so pleasure . Thx everything .

Thank you very fast delivery good and safe packing. Grazie mille

My favorite baklava with chocolate thank you for fast shipping...

Yummy yummy turkish delight best

My kitchen smells like a grand bazaar , thank you for fast delivery

İ will order again higly recommended it. thank you grandbazaarist

Highly recommend deep sea massage stone thank you grandbazaarist

Fresh products and very fast delivery thank you. TEŞEKKÜRLER

Plain delight my favorite , highly recommend

Very fresh and delicious, thank you!!

i bought red color its realy nice and making making delicious coffee
thank you grandbazaarist