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The vast culinary culture of the Turks is formed by the geographies they lived throughout the history and the materials in that geography. Turkish cuisine developed and changed during the migrations. Especially, since Istanbul was home to two great empires, it has a sophisticated food culture. Milky desserts are the legacy of Byzantine. Turkish cuisine had more sherbet desserts before. The Ottomans were introduced to milky desserts after taking Istanbul. The basics of today's Turkish cuisine have been formed in the Ottoman Palace kitchen. Turkish national cuisine was created after the proclamation of the Republic. Turkish food products on our website are the natural flavors of our kitchen which have been formed with centuries of story. In addition, many different products that you can consume, which are produced in our country, under natural conditions, are offered to your service. Each product you can find on our website; www.grandbazaarist.com has a very long story. Each product has gone through centuries of travel before it becomes available to you. All the products you can find on our website are made from completely natural products. Turkish baklava is one of them, baklava is produced in different shapes and tastes. In our country, we live four seasons at the same time, which provides the vegetation that bees need to make bees at all seasons of the year, and this diversity of vegetation allows for the production of dozens of different types of honey. Royal jelly is one of the most valuable and pure products produced by bees that you can find on our website; www.grandbazaarist.com . Chestnut candy, kadayif, nightingale nest, halva, Turkish delight, bakery, mesir paste, chocolate, cezerye varieties are produced with natural products grown in this geography and are a click away on www.grandbazaarist.com . In addition, our website, different dates, dried apricots, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, chickpeas, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, and cashew varieties can be found at the most affordable prices. In addition, with different varieties, Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, Turkish herbal and fruit teas, sahlep is a click away. If you want to experience Authantic Ottoman tastes and Traditional Turkish cuisine flavors in your home or in your country, you can provide this shopping dream only one click. All orders that you wish from our web site quickly and safely can be given. All products contains special tastes and can be sharable as a gift with your lovers their special days. All our products are produced under natural conditions and presented to your table.
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