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Simit (Turkish Bagel)


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The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest and the oldest covered bazaars in the world, located in the center of Istanbul, in the middle of Beyazıt, Nuruosmaniye and Mercan districts. There are approximately 4,200 shops in the Grand Bazaar and the total number of employees in these shops is approximately 30,000.

You can order from the covered bazaar area and order many products such as delicious baklava, Turkish delight, Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, Hazelnut or pistachio powder from our website.

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The Authentic Wind Breeze..

Mesopotamia is the land where the greatest known civilizations were founded. Turkey has been established in the territory formerly known as Mesopotamia. Montesquie, one of the great thinkers known in history; ‘climates have an impact on civilizations and civilizations built by people from cold climates are more permanent and productive’. However, the Anatolian lands, on which the most powerful civilizations have been established, have a temperate climate and have hosted many cultures and made very important periods in history. Throughout history, the destroyed civilizations have been replaced by new ones, but each destroyed civilization has left many cultural heritages to the next. You will see that all these civilizational cultures live in our lands. The products that you can find on our site carry many traces that have survived to the present day by transferring the cultures of these civilizations that have lasted for centuries. We will give you information about some of the products on our site and try to explain what they mean culturally on these lands.

You may come across many writings about which nation was the first to make the baklava, but the fact that the claimant nations were within the borders of the Ottoman Empire at that time, and the transformation of baklava into its present state, actually shows us the answer. The fact that the materials used in baklava making is expensive and laborious and must be made skillfully made the baklava only take place in the tables of wealthy people in the early days. In this period, it was an element of reputation to employ good baklava masters in their kitchens. The fact that baklava is so varied is the result of the masters competing for better baklava at that time.

Backgammon was first invented in China. Today, backgammon is one of our traditional games, which are the subject of many jokes and conversations, played by people of all ages and cultures, from luxurious cafes to traditional cafés.

Coffee is a popular and consumed beverage all over the world today. Everywhere in the world, the way coffee is cooked and served is almost similar. The way to cook and serve Turkish coffee has different meanings. When families go to ask their daughters for marriage, the taste and taste of the Turkish coffee made is a response. If the coffee is bitter, it means that the girl doesn’t want the boy who comes to ask, and the sweet means that she wants and accepts it. After having solved the problems between them, people drink Turkish coffee to strengthen their friendship. After a busy day, they drink to relieve fatigue. The way of cooking and serving Turkish coffee has different meanings. Turkish coffee drinking fatigue can not be satisfied with the taste, the coffee fortune fortune after listening is insatiable.

Turkish tea is a national drink, and the Turks consume the most per capita tea in the world. Tea is drunk after every meal. During breaks, chats, watching matches, tea is indispensable. When ordering tea, it is customary to say “get rabbit blood”.
While shopping on our site, you will find products that you will feel as if you are buying honey from a farmer’s home in a remote corner of Anatolia. All you need to do is to order by pressing the keys, after your first experience, we think we will be indispensable.
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