Grand Bazaarist offers you the best local products of Turkey. As you know, Turkey is famous for its cuisine. Turkish coffee, Turkish delight, Turkish baklava and lots of other foods and beverages are famous all around the world and the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is the best place to buy those products. If you are going to  visit Istanbul, we strongly advise you to visit the Grand Bazaar, one of the biggest and oldest covered markets of the world. However, not every person has the chance to visit Grand Bazaar. If you are one of those people, would be the best alternative for you. You can find every product which is sold at Grand Bazaar at Grand  Moreover, you can also enjoy reductions sometimes. Therefore, we offer you to follow regularly. The shipping options are also a significant reason to order local Turkish foods online at Grand Bazaarist. We ship  your orders to all countries of the world.  Your orders will be at your home address within 1-4 business days. We have more than 1.000 products at our shop.  Payments are always safe and it is also easy to use our website. Enjoy it !
Order The Best Turkish Baklava Online at Grandbazaarist
Baklava is a famous Turkish dessert and when you taste baklava for once, you will absolutely want to taste it again.  It has a unique flavour and there is no other dessert in the world like baklava. We have several Baklava brands at our store and you can choose one of them according to your wishes. The homeland of Baklava is Gaziantep, a city in Southeastern Turkey. All baklavas you can find at are from the brands which were founded in Gaziantep.  Hafız Mustafa, Karaköy Güllüoğlu and Safa Baklava are baklava brands which you can buy at All of them produce the best baklavas of Turkey and of the world, naturally.  There are different kinds of baklava in Turkey. Traditionally, the main ingredient of baklava is Antep pistachios. However, if you love walnuts more than pistachio, you can buy walnut baklavas at Grand Bazaarist. Moreover, in recent  years, chocolate baklavas became really popular. If you like mixing modern flavours with the traditional ones, you can also buy chocolate baklavas at our online store.
Turkish Delight  At Grand Bazaarist
Another Turkish flavor that you can find the best ones at is the Turkish delight as you can guess. Turkish delight is famous as much as baklava in the world and it is also a unique Turkish dessert. People who visit Turkey often buy Turkish delight for their loved ones in their homelands. If you want to buy Turkish delight and you do not have the opportunity to visit Turkey, Grand Bazaarist is here for you. You can find the best Turkish delight from top-quality brands at Grand Bazaarist. We offer you Turkish delights of  Hacı Bekir, Hacı Şerif, Hacı Mustafa, Hazer Baba, İkbal and Koska. They all produce Turkish delight in a traditional way and when you taste their products, you would understand why this dessert is the favorite of Ottoman sultans.
Like baklava, Turkish delight could be also found in different types. Hazelnut delight, bird delight, walnut delight, pistachio delight, pomegranate delight, mint delight and rose delight are the most popular ones and you can find more at our online shop.
Buy Turkish Mesir Paste At Grand Bazaarist
Turkish Mesir Paste is another local Turkish food that you can buy at Grand Like  Turkish Baklava and Turkish Delight, the history of Mesir Paste dates back to the Ottoman times. Mesir Paste is a kind of paste that you could not find in any other place. It is a mixture of 41 spices but it is still a sweet product. The homeland of Mesir Paste is Manisa, a city in the Aegean region of Turkey. Mesir Paste is famous for its benefits for the body.  It increases the strength and pruirency. Moreover, it can also be used as an appetiser. Mesir Paste also could be used against poisons of animals.  People in Turkey also use Mesir Paste against cold and flu.  Because of its historical background and benefits for the human body, Mesir Paste was protected by UNESCO in 2012, and became a World Intangible Cultural Heritage. Doralife and Maccun are the best Mesir Paste brands in Turkey and you can order their products online at Grand Bazaarist.  There are ones in tubes and ones in cans at our shop.
Want to Drink Turkish Coffee ? You Are at the Right Place !
Turkish cuisine is famous all around the world as you know. However,  the reason for its popularity does not only come from the foods. The beverages have an important place in Turkish cuisine, and the most famous Turkish beverage is of course Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is a type of coffee which is brewed in a special method. Turkey is the only country which gives a name to a type of coffee without having coffee farms in the country. The roots of Turkish coffee dates back to 1543. According to many historians, Europeans were introduced to coffee by the Turks. The most important point of Turkish coffee is that the coffee beans should have the highest quality and they should be blended in a meticulous way. Turkish coffee is traditionally cooked at the low heat in a special coffee pot. Some drink it without sugar but some people add sugar.  Turkish coffee is served with another traditional Turkish flavor,  Turkish delight traditionally.  Hafız Mustafa Hazer Baba,  Kahve Dünyası, Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi and  Selamlique are the best Turkish coffee brands in Turkey and you can buy their coffees at Grand Bazaarist.  You can find medium roast and dark roast ones. Moreover, you can also find coffee sets which offer you Turkish coffee pots and Turkish coffee cups as well as Turkish coffee.
Famous Turkish Black Tea at Grand Bazaarist
Turkish coffee is a really popular beverage in Turkey as you know. However, the most consumed drink in Turkey is not Turkish coffee. As its known by the people who have a little information about Turkey, Turkish black tea is the most consumed beverage in Turkey. Moreover, Turkey is the top tea-consuming country in the world by far. Turkish people drink tea while having breakfast and after breakfast, and after dinner.  Turkish black tea is produced by the tea plants in Black Sea region of Turkey. According to many scientific researches, Turkish black tea is beneficial for the human body. It contains vitamin A, D and B12.  Moreover, it also contains Sodium and Potassium. Çaykur, Doğadan, Doğuş, Hafız Mustafa and Turko Baba offers you the best Turkish black tea at Grand Bazaarist. You can find Bergamot flavored Turkish black tea, sprout Turkish black tea, rose flavoured black tea etc.
Souvenirs From Turkey At Grand Bazaarist
Turkey is mostly known for its food and beverages around the world. However, things you can buy in Turkey are not only limited to foods and beverages. You can find some objects which represent Turkey at Grand Bazaar ist. Ceramic plates, backgammon and prayer beads (tespih) are the most popular objects which represent Turkey.  If you want to buy gifts to your friends or relatives from Turkey, they would be the perfect gifts. If you want to buy prayer beads, the Bead brand is waiting for you at the Grand Bazaarist.  Oltu stone from Erzurum, a city in the Eastern Turkey is used in the production of those prayer beads and this is the most important factor which makes them special. Oltu stone is only found in Erzurum in the world. Therefore, those prayer beads are a perfect gift choice.
Turkish Beauty Products at Grand Bazaarist
The nature of Turkey is really amazing and lots of endemic plants could be found in different regions of Turkey. The countless vegetables of Turkey are also used for beauty products or health products. If you want to buy those products there are several options for you at the Grand Bazaarist. Arifoğlu, Atışeri, Berisk, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, Hacı Şakir, Kilyos Kolonyaları, Mecitefendi, Rosense are the brands which you can buy natural beauty or health products from Turkey at our store.   Jojoba oil, Lavender oil,  argan oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, sage oil, Juniper oil, Thyme oil, Sandalwood oil, Garlic oil, cologne are popular products which you can use for beauty and hygiene. All of them are always available at

Grand Bazaar Shopping istanbul Is there a product you want from Turkey? Grandbazaarist is for you. Easy shopping, Safe  You can get the product you want by placing an order immediately from our site where you can send.

Grand Bazaar About Us

The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest and the oldest covered bazaars in the world, located in the center of Istanbul, in the middle of Beyazıt, Nuruosmaniye and Mercan districts. There are approximately 4,200 shops in the Grand Bazaar and the total number of employees in these shops is approximately 30,000.

You can order from the covered bazaar area and order many products such as delicious baklava, Turkish delight, Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, Hazelnut or pistachio powder from our website.

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