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The richness of Turkish cuisine has been accepted in the world. Undoubtedly, this wealth includes not only food types but also our traditional drinks. Among these are hot drinks; tea, coffee, sahlep, linden, sage, cinnamon are the most common ones. On our website you can find all kinds of herbal teas, fruit teas, white tea, moringa tea, sahlep varieties as well as traditional Turkish drinks.

Turkish tea is one of the most popular beverages in Turkey. Grown in the Black Sea. Tea's health benefits have been proven. Today, tea and fruit of many plants and fruits are made, they are both pleasant to drink, refreshing and are preferred with health benefits. Tea has a traditional meaning in Turkish culture, even in the smallest settlements, there are coffeehouses, and they seem to owe their commercial assets to tea. In Turkish culture, it is a shame not to accept the tea service. There are different forms of tea service in coffee houses. Especially when the tea is taken out of the coffeehouse, even though the cups are full, they are turned upside down and turned upside down when given to the person. Skillful waiters do not spill a drop of tea with the habit of hand.

Moringa tea, the root of the plant of the moringa plant, root, bark, leaves, seeds, flowers, cocoons and fruits are all edible sources of healing, also known as miracle plants. After pouring boiling water over Moringa sachet tea, which you can easily obtain from our website, you can brew for 4-5 minutes and then consume it with pleasure.

Sahlep is one of our common drinks. It is beneficial to health in many ways. it's delicious when Sweeten with honey, and sprinkle ginger on the hot drink. Our product is completely organic, you can consume with peace of mind.

Turkish coffee is one of the most common hot drinks in our country and has many traditional meanings. Traditional Turkish coffee is a chat tool, Therefore, "Hearts neither coffee nor coffee house, heart dude or coffee excuse". There's a saying, "Let's have a coffee" means chatting, worrying with that person. Fatigue coffee also means rest. "A cup of brewed coffee has forty years of souvenir" is said to strengthen people's relationships, friendship. Our ladies can relax by seeing their future lives with coffee scales. Especially if the coffee is frothy, drinkers will not say enjoyment. Traditional Turkish coffee is also a tool when families go as blindflies to see the girl their son wants to marry. The sighters took the coffee from the tray that the girl had presented and came to that house mainly to see her.

Like tea, traditional Turkish coffee has created its own material culture. A thousand kinds of coffee cups, coffee pots, coffee hand grinders, coffee trays are a few of them.

All of the traditional Turkish drinks that you can consume from our website are organic, packaged with great care, and presented to your liking. You can buy at the most reasonable prices, and consume with peace of mind.


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