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Gracious Handmade Ceramic Arts in GrandBazaarIst

Are you fascinated in front of ceramic arts? If that is so, we have good news for you. GrandbazaarIst brings together one more precious than the other pieces of ceramic arts with dear customers. Indeed, what makes so gorgeous our ceramic arts is the fact that they all are handmade. It is the exact time to purchase gracious handmade ceramic arts from GrandbazaarIst. GrandbazaarIst differentiated itself from other companies with its understanding of working studiously. GrandbazaarIst is happy to present you with Turkey's traditional art of ceramic as well as traditional kitchen flavor, Turkish antique crafts, hammam products, and so many categories. Do not deprive yourself of our traditional ceramic arts, online order easily.  One of the best things about our company is its endless variety of categories.

The Best Service for Buying Ceramic Arts

When we are saying the GrandbazaarIst is the best service for buying ceramic arts, we mean it. Not only the variety of designs that makes us the best but also the quality of our products are worth mentioning. We work studiously to deliver to our dear customers that Turkish tiles, and packaging them deferentially. Now is the time to buy ceramic arts for yourself and your loved ones. Your gifts are now more meaningful thanks to GrandbazaarIst's reliable shopping service.

The Variety of Handmade Ceramic Arts

Our unique designs are not only glamorizing but also have deep meaning. If you are a big fan of ceramic arts, we are sure that you are going to love Turkey traditional art. Each of the plates created from ceramic has unique meanings. For example, the "Lonely Rose Ceramic Plate" on our website, symbolizes the Prophet, Muhammad. If you are interested in Turkish ceramic history, you can see that each one of the ceramic arts has different messages beyond just being an art. The Iznik style tiles are like historical paintings, in that manner. The patterns that are used in the plates as alike to each other, however, each of them tells us a different story. As GrandbazaarIst family, we are not only offering you various, gorgeous types of ceramic arts but we also deliver them to you just in time.

Products of Ceramic Arts in GrandBazaarIst

GrandbazaarIst's products are one of a kind. We believe the uniqueness of our handmade ceramic arts is not only about their differences but also their stories behind the beautiful art. The real reason that why we believe that this product is a masterpiece is not only about how the lines are used or how the colors create harmony, but the story behind it. Every detail harborages a story behind them. In this example, the red rose motif symbolizes a meaning about the Prophet Muhammad. It is a good choice to give a present that a person who you care about. Also, if you are interested in tiles in Turkey, we are sure you are going to love it, too. The tulip motif has been used for years and years of ceramics in Turkey. Tulip as one of the most important figures of art in Turkey has been used for ages. In this way, "Tulip Ceramic Plate" has a special place in all of our hearts. Ceramics in Turkey may be bothering sometimes whereas if they were used more than once by different designers. But not this time! The "Seljuk Star Ceramic Plate" offers you a visual feast that consists of blue and white. The geometrical designs are symbolizes one of the most common patterns of tiles in Turkey. Hyacinths, roses, and tulips are one of the most common patterns in ceramics in Turkey. They are not only traditional but also have a distinguished meaning! This unique ceramic plate, which you can use both daily and for special occasions, reaches your homes with the assurance of GraandbazarIst.

Choose the Best Service for Buying Ceramic Arts

If you are a picky person and want to find a ceramic art that suits your taste, you are in the right place.
  • We not only offer unique ceramic arts of art to our esteemed customers but also bring together distinguished architectural and historical works of Turkey with you.
  • While presenting the exotic and mystical works of Turkey to you since 2010, we thought carefully about every detail and created a great variety in the products we sell in order to appeal to everyone.
  • We know how it was influenced you with many of Turkey's kitchen, ceramic and cosmetic products, so we buy our products from small tradesmen who produce uniquely.

Safe Packaging in GrandbazaarIst

GrandbazaarIst shows the same sensitivity for hundreds of different products within its body. Just like the sensitivity, we show to our ceramic products, all of our products are packed in a special way so that they reach you safely and without any problems. One of our most important features that makes us different from other companies is that you reach our products in the most durable form in order not to make you suffer in any way. This is exactly what makes GrandbazaarIst special. We pack all our products with the same precision and deliver them to you in the shortest time possible, without discrimination between our products.

Reasons Why You Should Prefer GrandbazaarIst for Buying Ceramic Arts

Our company has made a reputation for the value and care it shows to its customers.
  • You should choose us for ceramic art shopping because we always offer our customers valuable and special products in their field.
  • Another important factor in ceramic art is the value and importance we give to Iznik style tiles.
  • Another feature that sets us apart from other companies in the incredible care our company shows during packaging and supply. We attach great importance to ensuring that the products reach you as they were on the first day, and we make the happiness of our valued customers our priority. Ceramics in Turkey are the right choice for our valued guests in their most beautiful and preserved state, and you can enjoy this unique beauty!

Fast, Safet, and Easy Shopping in GrandbazaarIst

GrandbazaarIst is with you every step of the way!
  • Watch and follow your every step comfortably and easily while purchasing different and special ceramics that contain melodies from Turkish culture. You will be notified instantly when your order has been confirmed and shipped.
  • Always keep in touch with us! Whether you have a question about the products or you have question marks about your shipping, GrandbazaarIst is at your side to help you!
  • Do not have cash? Has your credit card gone bankrupt? Do you only carry your money on the card? It does not matter! GranbazaarIst is here to provide all kinds of convenience in payment to our valued customers! By choosing any payment method you want, you can finally get that beautiful ceramic art you dream of!

Brief History of Ceramic Arts

Turkey's ceramic production history goes back to 10,000 years ago. One of the reasons why traditional ceramic arts and Turkish tiles are loved so much is the depth historical past of the amazing art. Turkish tile colors telling a different story as well as the figures do. While animal figures were used extensively in the first ceramic arts from ancient times to the present, ceramic arts referring to sacred marriage ceremonies were also encountered. With the acceptance of Islam by the Turks, changes were made in the ceramic arts.

Most Popular Figures in Ceramic Arts and Tiles

The ceramic arts, which started to take their current shape with the Ottoman Empire, have come to the present day by developing. At first, geometric patterns, flowers, and leaf patterns were used intensively. Later, fish, birds, rabbits, and various plant motifs started to take their place in ceramic art. Nowadays, it is possible to come across tulip, rose, and leaf motifs frequently. The ceramic arts, which has survived from the past and still impresses people with its beauty, reaches you with the assurance of GrandbazaarIst. You are at the right place to buy these special traditional handmade ceramic arts blended with the harmony of history and art. Traditional ceramic bowls, ceramic plates, ceramic Turkish tea sets deserve to be in the corner of your home. They can also be nice gifts that show you care.

Is Turkey Known for Ceramics?

Turkey with its deep past and rich history, which has been the leading actor in historical subjects for centuries, also takes the lead with its ceramic production. The lands of Turkey, which have hosted many civilizations, have brought these valuable visual treasures to the present day by respecting the traces of past lives.

What is a Turkish Ceramic?

This special design, which is thought to belong to Iznik, was very popular between the 15th and 17th centuries. The pottery that all beautiful pieces come together is called Iznik pottery.
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