Return Policy

As Grand Bazaarist, our return policy is based on ensuring that our customers are not victims in any way. Therefore, we accept returns for all products that can be returned, in line with the request of the relevant legal statements. Refunds must be made within the first 15 days after the product is delivered to you. Your return request is examined in detail when the product reaches us, and the product is expected to be returned perfectly, just as it was sent to you.

The basic requirements for product return processes are as follows:

  1. The returned product must be unused and unwashed in any way.
  2. Products must be returned in their original packaging. Products with damaged original packaging and lost original tags may not be accepted.
  3. If the products have been sent in a way that they cannot be returned, Grand Bazaarist officials can return the product to you. In this case, the shipment cost will be reflected on you. Therefore, for product returns, you are expected to make sure that the product is shipped in accordance with the basic return policies.
  4. In case the products are damaged during the return shipment, this is your sole responsibility. The responsibility of the Grand Bazaarist over the product starts from the moment the product is received. Therefore, we cannot compensate if your product is damaged, broken, or lost during return shipment.
  5. You may need to wait approximately 30 business days for the refund process. In order for the refunded fee to be reflected on the payment method you use, you may need to wait for varying periods of time depending on your bank.
  6. In the return process, only the fee paid for the product will be refunded, unless there is an additional problem that is the fault of the Grand Bazaarist. The refund does not include taxes, shipment charges, or other customs fees. Therefore, we recommend that you calculate the refund fee accordingly.
  7. When sending the product you want to return, you can choose one of the following companies: FedEx, UPS, DHL. Receive a shipment document stating that you have delivered the product to these companies. In this way, you will be able to learn the situation of your product and prove that you have sent your product.
  8. Even if you purchased the product as part of the Free Shipment offer, you will have to pay a shipping fee for the return process.
  9. When returning products, you must work with a company that does an express shipment. FedEx and DHL are examples of these.

My Product Arrives Damaged, What Should I Do?

The responsibility of the damaged product due to the shipment process belongs to us. Therefore, if your package has a broken or crushed area, please do not receive the product. Ask the cargo officer to wait for a while and open the product in front of him or her. Ask the cargo officer to keep a record and return the product directly to the cargo officer without receiving it in any way.

Note that if you receive the product, it will be assumed that there was no damage to the product during shipment, and your subsequent notifications of broken parts will be marked as user error. That’s why this step is very important.

Is The Delivery Fee Included In The Return Fee?

According to the Turkish Commercial Code, purchased food products cannot be returned. As a company that sees customer satisfaction as a priority, we still accept the return of products that are brought to you in a damaged, damaged, used, or unusable condition. If your address changes after your order are on the way and therefore you cannot receive your product, your product will wait for a certain time in the cargo company’s warehouse. If this waiting period exceeds certain days, your refund will not be accepted.

Remember that you have the right to easily return the product if the package or the product is damaged during the shipment. We will refund all of the product fees in that case. Also, if you wish, we can send the same product to you without requesting a shipment fee.

How can I return a product to GrandBazaarist?

If you want to return an item, we ask that you notify us first. In this way, we will have additional control over the process. When reporting the situation to us, we expect you to provide the following information:

  1. Which products are being returned?
  2. For what reason are you making a refund?
  3. When did you buy the product?

When returning products, you must pack each in its original packaging. You can send the product using the express service you want, but you need to make sure that the shipment service is offered as express. For this, we can recommend services such as FedEx, DHL, UPS. It will be sufficient to send the product to the address we will forward to you. Remember to get an official document that you ship the product. Also, keep the tracking code and check where your package is regularly.

Can I change products at GrandBazaarist?

No, we do not offer a product exchange service. However, you can buy another product instead of the product you returned.

Custom orders and food products cannot be returned, in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code.