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Turkish Herbal Tea

Turkish Herbal teas used for centuries have been used in many ways. Herbal tea is prepared by boiling different plants and allowing them to steep for a few minutes in water. When Turkish herbal teas meet in the same cup with a cup of hot water, it will magically heal you.

Turkish herbal teas that you can buy online on our website; will help you to lose weight, help to protect your heart health, will help you to be energetic all day long, and help you to protect your skin health.

Plants used as an aid in the treatment of many diseases can harm human health if used unconsciously. Turkish herbal teas that you can buy from our website; are prepared and packaged completely organically, are beneficial to your health and presented to your taste at reasonable prices.

Each plant has different benefits, we listed the benefits of some of the Turkish herbal teas you can find on our website;

Apricot and plum Turkish herbal tea:

Plum is a source of vitamin A, B and C, copper, potassium, phosphorus and iron. Vitamin B strengthens the nervous system, removes anemia, potassium in the content, makes the kidneys work, good for constipation, lowers cholesterol, keeps estrogen hormone in balance, is useful for women in menopause.

Apricot tea is effective on metabolism and provides fast slimming with regular consumption.

The antioxidant properties of Turkish Apricot tea strengthen the immune system. You can start the day with a perfect energy with a cup of Turkish apricot tea in the morning.

Turkish white tea facilitates digestion, fights bacteria that cause acne and inflammation, supports skin health, prevents the formation of acne, passes existing acne in a short time, makes you look younger.

Turkish green tea balances blood sugar, cleanse the parasites in the body, prevents the formation of bad breath, vitamin C in it allows you to beat the cold, antidepressant effect is good for stress and fatigue.

Turkish linden tea cuts the runny nose, improves cough, softens the airways, is good for colds, is one of the traditional treatment methods.

Turkish sage is a natural antibiotic, strengthens the immune system, when you get a cold, a cup of Turkish sage stops the progression of bacteria in the body.

Turkish rosehip tea contains many vitamins and C, B1, B12 and many other minerals. With this content, rosehip tea is a complete winter tea. It also cleans blood, protects eye health, protects the body from infections.

Turkish oregano tea is antioxidant and antiseptic, has a soothing effect, relieves headache, and reduces sore throat and cough.

Turkish fennel tea increases milk in breastfeeding women, and runs healthy stomach and digestive system.

Mint tea reduces nausea, accelerates digestion, reduces gas problem, calms, removes bad breath, lowers bad cholesterol with rich Omega 3 content.

By ordering different Turkish teas from our website;, you can contribute to your body health and benefit from your pocket at affordable prices.