Turkish Coffee

The method of preparing and baking coffee discovered by the Turks is called Turkish Coffee. Turkish coffee has a different flavor, smell, foam, cooking and catering style, in short, a unique identity and tradition. Coffee was brought to Istanbul in 1543 by the Governor of Yemen Özdemir Pasha. This beverage, which was originally obtained by boiling coffee fruit in the Arabian Peninsula, gained the flavor and unique aroma of coffee known by the brand-new method of preparation and cooking by the Turks. Europeans were introduced to coffee by the Turks, and for many years, coffee was prepared and consumed in the same way as Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is blended from high quality coffee beans of Arabica type of Central and South America origin and is meticulously roasted and finely ground. It is cooked on low heat with the help of a coffee pot by adding water and sugar. Small cups with shuttle. Wait a short time for the grounds to collapse before drinking. Boiling of Turkish coffee is especially preferred and the most important difference to other coffee cooking methods. Boiling of coffee in the Turkish method is particularly preferred. The resulting boiling is a very mild boiling and often allows the interaction of finely ground coffee with water which is heated much more than a significant heat increase. A cup of Turkish Coffee, smoked on small sips, is preferred by Turkish Coffee enthusiasts for its intense body, exquisite flavor and lasting aroma in the mouth. With this new method of preparation found by the Turks, it was cooked in coffee, jug and coffee pots and named as Turkish Coffee. Coffee soon became available in the palace kitchen and in the houses. began to be consumed in large quantities. Evliya Çelebi, who also describes the payitahtı in his travel book, writes that the number of artisans selling coffee in Istanbul is 500 and the number of shops is about 300. In a short time, the taste and fame of Turkish coffee has swept Europe and the whole world thanks to both the merchants and travelers who traveled to Istanbul and the Ottoman ambassadors. Turkish coffee has an important place in our culture as a rich accumulation of our culinary culture. Buy Turkish coffee you will find on our site, will be delivered to you with the most favorable price in special packaging, you can keep until the last consumption date before consuming. With its smell, taste, and aroma, it will preserve its freshness on the day it is ground.
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