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Buy Hafız Mustafa (Hakkı Zade)

As you know, Turkey is famous for its desserts like baklava and Turkish Delight. Hafız Mustafa is one of the oldest dessert manufacturers of Turkey. Its delights, baklavas and many types of candies are very popular in Turkey. The foundation of the brand dates back to  1864. Thanks to its high standards of production, it is still one of the best dessert manufacturers of Turkey. If you want to buy  different types of products from Hafız Mustafa, you can browse their products at Grandbazaarist and buy the products that you want most.

Buy Hafız Mustafa Products

Hafız Mustafa - Hakkı Zade always produces natural and traditional Turkish desserts. You can be sure that Hafız Mustafa products that you buy at Grandbazaarist are 100% natural and the best of their kinds. You can find baklava, candy, honey, Turkish delight and many other products from Hafız Mustafa at Grand Bazaarist. The products that you buy will be shipped to your home address by us, immediately.  If you want to try traditional Turkish desserts, Hafız Mustafa’s products would be a perfect choice for you. Visit our shop and order them online in an easy way  They will be delivered to your home address within days, no matter where you live.

Baklava is the most famous traditional Turkish dessert and you can find the best baklava from Hafız Mustafa at Grandbazaarist online shop. The dry baklava is different from wet baklava in terms of cooking method. To make it possible to store baklava for a longer time,  the mixture of milk and semolina is not applied between  layers of Baklava. Therefore, you can store the baklava that you buy at our website for a long time. Baklavas of Hafız Mustafa are totally covered up with pistachio. Long Lasting dry baklava of Hafız Mustafa   is a great example of classical, dry Turkish baklava.

Order Hafiz Mustafa Turkish Delight, Baklava and Candy Online

Hafız Mustafa is also famous for its different types of candies and you can find all candies of Hafız Mustafa at Grandbazaarist. Famous Akide candies, drages and mixture of different candies could be bought at our website easily.  For example, you can buy Mixed Akide Candy Small Box, is very popular product of Hafız Mustafa.  Akide candy is a traditional type of Turkish desserts. It is made by boiling the sugar and then adding flavor to give color and smell to it. Unlike most candies, Akide candies does not melt in your mouth easily and that’s why it is very popular.  If you want to eat natural candies, Akide candy from Hafız Mustafa would be the perfect choice for you.

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