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Turkish coffee is a special type of brewing coffee. The history of coffee dates back to the 1500's in Turkey. Since that day, people have been brewing coffee in Turkey and Turkish coffee has become a popular type of breeding among coffee lovers around the world. Selamlique was founded to offer the best Turkish coffee to all around the world. The brand offers only the top quality Turkish coffee. If you want to taste the top quality Turkish coffee, we strongly recommend the products of Selamlique to you. You can understand how classy the products of the brand are, by just looking at the cans and packages of the products. Moreover, you can also find types of desserts that go well with traditional Turkish coffee at our online shop. We have lots of Selamlique products at You can order different products of Selamlique online.

Selamlique Turkish Delight Buy Special Box

As you know, Turkish coffee is a traditional and old form of coffee. There are some important steps to brew a good Turkish coffee; you need to roast, cool, grind and cook the coffee to drink a good one but those steps take a lot of time. Thanks to that product of Selamlique, you can drink a really delicious Turkish coffee without following those steps and the taste of the coffee is still beautiful. Please try it and taste the wonderful flavor of classical Turkish coffee. There are 24 packs of ground Turkish coffee in this product.


Selamlique Gold Sprinkled Assorted Turkish Delight

If you are interested in classical Turkish cuisine, you know that the most popular Turkish dessert is Turkish delight (lokum) around the world.  The traditional Turkish coffee, goes well with the traditional Turkish delight and Gold Sprinkled Assorted Turkish Delight from Selamlique is a top quality one. We recommend you to drink your Turkish coffee alongside traditional Turkish delight.

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