Antique Handmade Backgammon, Nacre

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Production from original tree.

Backgammon with special pearl inlay for enthusiasts.

It has quality working and handmade.

Backgammon Dimensions: 50X25X7

History: Backgammon, 1.400 years ago, was invented in 10 days by the vizier of the Shah of Iran Shahzir Mehir.

About product: Backgammon has a four-pointed shape with design and shape.

Have you ever wondered why backgammon is designed in four corners?

Because each corner of the backgammon symbolizes a season and the four corners represent the four seasons in one year.

An also the long triangular motifs in the backgammon are in front of each player.

And this symbolizes 12 triangles or 12 digits represent 12 months of a year.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years old. It should be used under adult supervision.


Weight 3,100 kg
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Antique Handmade Backgammon Nacre
Antique Handmade Backgammon, Nacre