Arçelik TKM 9961 B Telve Turkish Coffee Machine

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Are you ready to make your coffees with the coffee machine designed by Arçelik using the copper color? As Grandbazaarist, you will change your life with Arçelik TKM 9961 B Telve Turkish Coffee Machine. You will be able to make delicious coffees with the features of this coffee machine.

Have a delicious experience with its unique design and features!: Provide your comfort by making more coffee in one go with the 6 cups coffee-making capacity in the coffee machine. There are 2 different cooking methods in your coffee machine. You can choose any of these methods, normal and without cooking on embers.

You will have a long-lasting use!: You will receive your delicious coffee on time with the sound and light warning system in your coffee machine. We guarantee long-lasting use with the safety plug included in the product.

If you want to drink your Turkish coffee in a delicious and foamy way, do not compromise on quality. Buy this beautiful Arçelik TKM 9961 B Telve Turkish Coffee Machine online.

Weight 1,500 kg
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Arçelik TKM 9961 B Telve Turkish Coffee Machine