Arifoglu Tarragon Leaves 80 gr (2.82 oz)

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Imagine a plant that spread around Europe by Genghis Khan’s expeditions. You are able to get this historical plant from our website by shop online at Arifoglu Tarragon Leaves 80 gr. It is a multifunctional herb. You can even use it in the food and brew it. Tarragon Leaves are pretty beneficial for health. You can order online Tarragon Leaves here and get them from Turkey by international shipment.

A True Hero for the Digestive System: One of the most known beneficial effects of Tarragon Leaves is relieving the digestion process. In other words, if you consume Tarragon Leaves from Turkey it may help your digestive system.

Genghis Khan Probably Used This Plant: Imagine you are on the horseback for hours. The most possible outcome of this journey should be pains in the muscles and experiencing disorder in sleep. Mongol warriors have used this plant to get rid of muscle pains and to sleep well. We guess they should know something about killing the pain.

A Fellow Of Your Child: The ingredients Calcium and Phosphorus is good for your children who in the growth age. Their bones will be supported by their new fellow, Tarragon Leaves. They will love it, because its taste is good, too.


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Arifoglu Tarragon Leaves 80 gr (2.82 oz)