Doğuş Black Sea Tea 1 kg (35.27oz)

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Doğuş Black Sea Tea is obtained from the best quality and delicious teas of the Black Sea Region. Blended with Bergamot aroma, this tea has a different aroma and light taste.

Black tea is an indispensable part of tables, chats and friendships in Turkey. Doğuş Black Sea Teais produced with this consciousness.

Turkish Black Tea is the only tea that grows in a snowy climate in the world. And it is grown by hand labor of the Black Sea farmers. So, can be said that it is an oraganic and natural tea.

It is recomended to use a porcelain teapot for a more delicious black tea. Because porcelain retains heat. And it improves the flavor of tea. It is also recommended to drink with the thin waisted tea glass.

Doğuş Black Sea Tea is the one of the first choices of tea lovers and tea addicts. It is also ideal for the your guests of “tea times”.

It is offered for sale in 1000gr package.

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Warning: If you are taking any medication and the same time want to consume too much of tea, firstly it is recommended to consult your doctor.

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Doğuş Black Sea Tea
Doğuş Black Sea Tea 1 kg (35.27oz)