Dried Seedless Mulberry

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Do you know that dried mulberry is as beneficial as a regular one? Enjoy the benefits of dried mulberry, which contains high amounts of vitamin C and iron. You can order Dried Seedless Mulberry which,  has grown in organic agriculture facilities in Turkey. Now it is open to purchase with 1000g, 5000g, and 10000g packages.

  • Natural substitute: Put your body only good and higher vibrational foods. And if you are a sweet flavor person, do not worry because you can use Dried Seedless Mulberry in your recipes to give sweetness by replacing sugar.
  • Practical and hygienic: Mulberries got dried under sterile conditions. They got packed without colorants, additives, or any other chemicals. The whole process has got completed in natural ways to protect and maintain long-lasting freshness for Dried Seedless Mulberry.
  • Some tips: There are a million ways to consume natural Dried Seedless Mulberry. You can put dried mulberry into yogurt to handle your sweet crunches healthily by adding a little cinnamon powder. You can use dried mulberries with oilseeds such as walnuts, hazelnuts, or almonds and turn them into a healthy snack. You are also free to consume it alone but watch over the amount.
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1000 gr (35.28oz), 5000 gr (176.38oz), 10000 gr (352.75oz)

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Dried Seedless Mulberry
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