Haci Bekir Turkish Akide Candy, Bergamot Flavoured

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Akide Candy, which dates back to the Ottoman Empire is a traditional sugar produced in Turkey. In addition to being delicious, it attracts people’s attention with its colorful and bright appearance and gains appreciation. What makes this Akide Candy so delicious is that it uses real fruits in its making and these fruits are slowly cooked in special copper pots with sugar for long hours. This cooked mixture is then kneaded on special benches and shaped, then cut with special scissors and it takes its final form to be served to our valued customers. Akide Candies are served to guests on special days such as religious holidays, weddings, and births in Turkish culture.

Available in 100, 250, 500, and 1000 gr packages. If you want to taste this unique Akide Candy flavored with Bergamot and share it with your loved ones, you can now order from grandbazaarist.com.

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100g (3.53oz), 250 gr (8.82oz), 500g (17.64oz), 1000 gr (35.28oz)

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Haci Bekir Turkish Akide Candy Bergamot Flavoured
Haci Bekir Turkish Akide Candy, Bergamot Flavoured
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