Hafız Mustafa 600gr Honey Comb (21.1oz)

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Hafız Mustafa 600 gr Honey Comb is collected from our free-range beehives to give you the maximum taste and the organic experience! Buy now and we will ship it right to you!

  • Bees work for it!: Our honeycombs are made by our bees organically so no artificial additives are used!
  • Simply delicious!: Our bees have access to many flowers this makes our honey a blend of many beautiful aromas and floral notes. You will feel like you are walking through a garden of wildflowers!
  • Is an alternative to sugar!: Unlike sugar, reasonable amounts of honey can be used by diabetic people by their doctor’s advice. Sweeten your food in a much healthier way!
  • Detox on every meal!: Organic antioxidants in honey may promote your body!
  • Nutritious and delicious!: Organic honeycomb is edible and nutrient-rich! Compounds sealed in the comb are in much higher concentration than that of liquid honey.


Allergenic Warning: Consumption of this product is not advised to children of age younger than one, people with bee sting allergy, and people with pollen allergy.



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Hafiz Mustafa

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Hafız Mustafa 600gr Honey Comb (21.1oz)