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Why ice tongs exist? Let us explain. Do you want to live the same exact lion milk experience at home? What do you need to drink raki like Turks? Raki, check! Ice cubes, check! What! Why don’t you have ice tongs to put the ices on your lion milk? What a shame! Let’s buy the proper ice tongs to drink your raki in the proper way!

  • High-quality steel design: Throughout history, steel was the best friend of Turks. What is the proper usage of steel? Of course, put ices on your raki.
  • Comfort: You don’t want to get cold from an ice tong. Also, the edges of this amazing ice tong are not sharp. They are made to improve your experience when you are on a “çilingir sofrası”. (This is Turkish idiom for a table with people who drink raki)
  • Narrow Ends: We designed this ice tong’s ends to hold the ices still. So, your ice cubes will be there till you put them where they belong, your raki glass.
  • Essential for Raki Drinking: You can’t drink raki without ice. If you try to hold the ice cubes by your hand, you will get cold. Raki is to experience the best moments with your best friend, not to get cold.
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Ice Tongs