Natural Dukkah Zahter

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We are spreading zahter, which grows spontaneously in the wild, all over the world with the assurance of Arifoglu. In appearance, it is similar to the thyme plant and is called “Black thyme”. Especially added to salads or dishes, this delicious plant also has a lot of benefits.

As a powerful anti-oxidant, the zahter plant can be used against coughing. At the same time, this zahter may help to pass the sore throat. Especially in the winter months against flu and cold zahter plant may be very useful. Zahter, which may increase the resistance of the body, also can help to provide light transmission of the flu.

Zahter tea, which becomes a healthy drink when it meets hot water, also shows its ability to refresh you from head to toe. You can drink zahter tea every morning to prevent conditions such as the bad breath. It may suppress bad odors with its pungent smell and make you breathe fresher. Order online organic zahter right now!

  • Advices: If you have allergies or chronic diseases, consult a doctor first, and use them.


Zahter is a herb used as a powder after drying.

It can be used as a spice in most dishes. Besides, there is also tea of ​​zahter.

It is a very beneficial spice type. It contributes to the nervous system, protects the kidneys against diseases, facilitates digestion, has a healing effect in intestinal diseases, stimulates and strengthens the body, is useful against fungi, helps to remove toxins, prevents liver fatty, protects resistance against colds.

In the same time, Zahter is a kind of seasoning powder consumed at breakfast in Turkey, is consumed together with olive oil.

When you mix salt, sesame seeds and marjoram, you can also use it as a breakfast sauce.

Natural Dukkah Zahter grows as a weed in the Central and South regions in Turkey.

Arifoğlu brand is one of Turkey’s most established brands. Since 1944, it has products on spices, organic products, natural products, herbs and vegetable oil products.

It is enough to order from our website to have this natural product.


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Natural for Stepping, Mix for Breakfast & Meals

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Natural Dukkah Zahter
Natural Dukkah Zahter
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