Arifoglu Plantain Leaves 60 gr (2.12 oz)

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You can order online Arifoglu Plantain Leaves 60 gr from Turkey by using our website. This plant is also known as the “angry plant” in Turkey. We don’t know why Turkish society decided to name a plant that way but as the song claims, it’s no one’s business but the Turks. If you want to buy online plantain leaves from Turkey, you can use our website to do this. Let’s see the beneficial effects of plantain leaves.

Use It In Your Skincare Routine: Plantain Leaves are used commonly in skincare routine by using in skin masks. These leaves may be good for your acne and blackheads.

A and C vitamins: A plantain Leaf has a lot of A and C vitamins. If you add plantain leaves into your herbal tea mixes, you can enjoy this high amount of vitamins.

Use it As a Tonic: If you prepare water-based on plantain leaves, you can use this water as a tonic in your skincare routine.

Good For Bug Bites: If you have been bitten by a bug and you have plantain leaves, these leave can be used in a tampon to get rid of swelling. It may assist you to get over with.

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Arifoglu Plantain Leaves 60 gr (2.12 oz)