Haci Serif

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Hacı Şerif

Traditional Turkish desserts are very famous around the world and the most famous ones is Turkish Delight of course.  There are many brands that produce and sell Turkish delight. However, only a few of them offer top quality Turkish delight to you. If you are looking for a top quality Turkish Delight brand to buy delight, we recommend you to buy Hacı Şerif’s delights. We are proud to offer you the products of Hacı Şerif at Grandbazaarist.com Hacı Şerif is one of the oldest Turkish delight manufacturers in Turkey.  It was founded in 1938 and still offers you traditional Turkish delight today.

Buy Hacı Şerif Turkish Delights Online

You can buy online Hacı Şerif delights at our shop easily. You can browse the products of the brand easily and buy the one that you like most. If you’ve never tasted Turkish delight in your life, Haci Serif 50 Different Turkish Sweets Box would be a perfect choice for you.  There are 50 different types of traditional Turkish desserts in this box and all of them are the best of their kinds.  You can find 5 different types of Turkish delight, 4 different types of mixed fruit dessert, 5 different flavors of small chocolate and more !


There are also different types of products of Hacı Şerf that you can order online at Grandbazaarist.com. For example, if you do not want to try all types of Turkish delight, just want to eat classical Turkish Delight with pistachio and kadayif, you can buy this product at Grandbazaarist.com easily.  The delicious Turkish delight will be delivered to your home address within days.

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