Turkish Cologne

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Turkish Cologne (Kolonya)

The history of the cologne is very old. Cologne is the oldest known type of essential oil. It has different scents according to the essence it contains. It also has a refreshing effect. It differs from perfumes due to its perfume content.

According to the known history, cologne was invented by an Italian perfumer in Cologne, Germany in the early 18th century. Therefore, the word "Cologne" has spread all over the world from Cologne, Germany.

It is one of the products whose prevalence continues from the past to the present. It is the most preferred and used lemon cologne from cologne with many different types. Lemon cologne has a refreshing and calming effect. It is antibacterial thanks to the alcohol content in it. Therefore, it can be considered as a hygiene product. Cologne is a product that people of all ages can use externally safely.

For Turks, cologne is also a traditional product. There is definitely cologne in every house. It is the first treat offered to guests coming from outside.

Today, cologne is produced from the aroma and oil of a wide variety of flowers and fruits. Some of them are as follows;

  • lemon
  • lavender
  • tobacco
  • tangerine
  • japanese cherry
  • amber flower
  • white tea and similar types.

Turkey has many old and well-established cologne brand. Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, Kilyos Kolonyalari are some of them.

The sharp smell of the cologne is also used against fainting because it has a sobering effect.

It also helps prevent bacterial diseases such as colds and flu.

In addition, lemon cologne helps protect against corona virus (covid 19) and has a disinfection feature.

The difference between cologne and perfume varies according to the ratio of ethyl alcohol (ethanol).

Cologne contains 80% to 95% ethyl alcohol and can be stored closed for 5 years in a closed place away from sunlight.

Cologne is preferred by many because of its refreshing structure. Immediately after the cologne is applied to the skin, the alcohol in it evaporates by contacting with the air. Due to the evaporating alcohol molecules, it attracts the surrounding heat and provides coolness to the skin. The cologne contains substances such as water, ethyl alcohol and fragrant lemon, flower or tobacco essence.

What is 80 degrees in cologne?
There are degrees of alcohol and its degree is revealed according to the amount of alcohol it contains. Generally, 70 degrees and 80 degrees alcohol is used in cologne production.

Is cologne effective to destry micropes?
According to scientific research, it has been revealed that the cologne has antibacterial properties. Experts recommend using cologne several times a day against mictobic diseases such as flu. Thus, the spread of microbes will be prevented.

Does alcohol kill the microbes?
The most common types of alcohol that have a lethal effect against microorganisms are ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. Since there is ethyl alcohol in cologne, it is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi according to the amount of alcohol in it.

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