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Ugurlu was founded in 1978 by Kemal Düzenli and since that day, it has been producing classical Turkish dessert Pişmaniye, also known as Turkish floss halva in the international area.  Floss halva is one of the  most popular Turkis desserts. It is generally served to people who visit your home. It is very different from other types of Tukish halva.  It is really soft and flavored. You will definitely  like it if you like traditional desserts. You can order online Pismaniye floss halva from Ugurlu, the best floss halva producer of Turkey at Grandbazaarist. You can find different versions of floss halva at our shop easily. We are proud to offer you the best products of Uğurlu.

Buy Ugurlu Products At Grandbazarist

We have many products from Ugurlu at our shop and you can easily browse them depending on your choice. You can filter them according to their prices, popularity or rating. The most popular product of Ugurlu is Chocolate Covered Pistachio Floss Halva. Lots of people from different countries loved that product so much that they visit our shop and order it online again and again. The flavor and aroma of the product is really beautiful. It has an amazing chocolate and pistachio flavor. A beautiful aroma could be smelled after you open the package. As a surprise, you will taste the chocolate inside the halva when you bite it. We think that this would be a good choice if you like traditional Turkish desserts.

Another popular product of Ugurlu is Floss Halva Pismaniye with Nuts and Fruits. If you are interested in traditional Turkish cuisine, you definitely know that, Turkish cuisine is famous for  using fruits and nuts in desserts. This Pismaniye has lots of dry fruits and nuts in it. It is really soft and has a unique taste.  We recommend this product if you like fruits and nuts.

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