Fusion Evil Eye – Blown Glass (Blue Pattern)

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If you have been to Turkey, you will remember the sui generis symbol of the evil eye. You are able to buy online Fusion Evil Eye – Blown Glass (Blue Pattern) from Turkey. It doesn’t have a common pattern. You will be passionate about the blue design pattern it has. If you want to recall all the sweet memories you have in Turkey, we are proud to help you to get it as Grandbazaarist. What’s more about this special evil eye?

Unique Glass Craftmanship: Turks are well known for their ability to process glass for centuries. These design patterns are a great legacy from this tradition. The color of this evil eye itself is characteristic color of Turks, Turquoise.

No More Evil Eyes On You: According to Turkish legends, if you keep an Evil Eye in your house, the real evil eyes will be far away from you. You should give it a chance. Who knows? Maybe there is a realm behind this legend.

Perfect Souvenir From Turkey: Buying Evil Eye for your friends and close relatives is a great thing to do. Also, you are able to make buns like              “Eye got my eyes on you”. Most people find these buns sweet.

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Fusion Evil Eye – Blown Glass (Blue Pattern)

Out of stock