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Vegetable oils are essential for all body systems from digestive to circulatory system, nervous system to reproductive system. Essential vegetable oils are used in many industries such as cosmetics, food, chemistry and medicine.

Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin B and E, strengthens skin and provides flexibility, you can consume with daily moisturizer. With the antioxidants contained in rosemary oil, it prevents the activity of free radicals in the skin and slows the aging of the skin.

Lavender oil is effective against germs and bacteria on the skin. It is recommended to mix with tea tree oil on spotty skin. Sweet almond oil is a UV inhibitor, improves blood circulation when applied by applying to the skin, renews the skin, and can be used for makeup cleaning with its soft structure.

Argan oil softens the skin. It is effective in pregnancy stretch marks and wrinkle treatments. Peppermint oil alleviates and prevents many skin problems. It is recommended to be mixed with oils such as aloe vera or diluted with water.

Tea tree oil is effective in skin burns and acne treatments. You can use it as a tonic by diluting with water, refreshes and cleanses your skin. You can use rose oil to equalize the skin tone, add it to the moisturizer and apply it to the skin with cotton.

Almond oil is useful in hair and skin care as moisturizer, skin cleanser and anti-aging. Nourishes hair, dries infections such as bacteria and fungi.

Sage Oil, the digestive system runs regularly, relieves menopause hot flashes. Helps prevent scalp over-oiling and dandruff

Juniper oil is good for tension and stress, joint pain, fatigue, and accelerates healing of flu and cough. Nettle Seed Oil reduces inflammation and infections, stimulates the body, relieves the pain of rheumatism, has a cell regenerating effect. It is useful in hair and skin care.

Thyme Oil strengthens the body, nerves, facilitates digestion, relieves lack of appetite, lowers intestinal worms, and runs the glands regularly. Regulates menstrual bleeding, increases sexual desire.

Sandalwood Oil repairs dry, cracked and worn skin. Useful for sputum and cough.

Garlic Oil kills germs, relieves constipation and urinary stiffness, lowers high blood pressure, intestinal worms, can relieve chronic cough. Provides hair, eyebrow, eyelash and skin care. Grape Seed Oil contains high levels of folic acid, provides antioxidant activity, strengthens the immune system.Balances the skin, moisturizes and prevents wrinkles. Nourishes hair.

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