Greek Gum Mastic, (Mastiha or Mastixa), Natural Chios (Xios)

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Gum is a light yellow, transparent resin obtained from gum tree. The motherland of Chios is the Greek island of Chios.

By stabbing the branches and trunks of the tree, the gum with the consistency of honey is poured into the cleaned, flattened and white clay plastered soil.

This process continues from June to September with newly opened slots. The chewing gum which is poured into the soil turns into gum crystals within 15 days.

These crystals poured onto white clay are cleaned and dried.

Chewing gum is a very valuable product and is included in UNESCO’s list of Humanity’s Spiritual Cultural Heritage.

There are many benefits to the human body.

It is good for chest diseases, strengthens gums, antiseptic for mouth, removes bad breath and gum bleeding. It works the kidneys, stomach diseases and inflammation of the liver is good.

The Greek Gum Mastic is produced under natural conditions. It contains no chemicals, you can easily consume.

Comes directly from Chios to your table, do not deprive yourself and your loved ones from this natural mastic, order now.

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Hello Sir,

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1. I did not appreciate having received these products without official packaging which I saw the image of the product on the Internet.

2. I greatly appreciate your prompt delivery with good delicate formality, including this fibe questionnaire.

Thank you.
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Greek Gum Mastic (Mastiha or Mastixa) Natural Chios (Xios)
Greek Gum Mastic, (Mastiha or Mastixa), Natural Chios (Xios)
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