Koska Turkish Halva-Candy Cocoa Flavored

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The word sweet evokes happiness, good and positive things in all languages ​​in the world.

Helva has been an important consumption item in Anatolia, which people consume both during their happiness and in their sad times.

When the child was born, got married, finished school, bought a new house, happiness was shared by distributing halva to friends.

In the periods of death, sadness and sorrow, halva was served to express that the pain was shared.

Halva was very common due to its easy availability and nutritional content.

Koska Turkish Halva-Candy Cocoa Flavored has a unique flavor produced by combining traditional halva with cocoa aroma.

We believe that this delightful product, produced in completely natural conditions, will bring you happiness.

Koska Turkish Halva-Candy Cocoa Flavoredis a product that you and your loved ones can consume safely.

You can bring this unique flavor to your table with just one click.

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Koska Turkish Halva Candy Cocoa Flavored
Koska Turkish Halva-Candy Cocoa Flavored
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