Lugat 365 Ehlikeyf Ice Bucket

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Why should you own a Lugat 365 Ehlikeyf Ice Bucket? Because you need it. Why? Let’s begin. What is the most essential form of water when you need it? That’s right, ice. But where do you place the ice cubes you needed in your raki? Turks use ice buckets for that purpose. Remember, there is a proper method to drink raki. In the proper method, an ice bucket is a must. So you should totally buy an ice bucket.

  • Ehlikeyf: Ehlikeyf means the person who loves to enjoy life. Who doesn’t? There will be proof on your ice bucket that you are this kind of person.
  • Material: In this ice bucket there is no common problem in the classic metallic ice buckets. The thermal conductivity of this ice bucket is extremely low because this ice bucket is made of high-quality Paşabahçe glass. So, it is solid and trustable. Also, ice cubes will be melting slower.
  • A place to hold: To hold it better there is a special oval place on this ice bucket. In this area, you will be able to hold it better. Also, by the extra thickness of this ice bucket, your hands will never get cold.
  • Gift: We recommend you to buy this ice bucket for the most raki-friendly friend of yours. You will be a hero to this friend.
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Lugat 365 Ehlikeyf Ice Bucket