Lugat 365 Raki Set

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We will explain you why do you need our legendary “Lügat 365 Rakı Set”. Drinking raki with your beloved ones is the most important ritual of Turkish people. The raki glasses are being raised up to the sky by the people around you. You say the following sentence together: “Those were the days, my friends.” What? You don’t have raki glasses? Don’t worry, this pack of raki glasses is enough for preparing an amazing raki table. Let’s buy it!

  • Turkish Words from Lügat 365: There are several phonetic and meaningful words in Turkish. Let’s discover them!
  • 6 Different Raki Glasses: In this pack of glasses there are 6 raki glasses with different Turkish words on them. 6 glasses is enough to arrange a raki table with your beloved ones.
  • Material Quality: Paşabahçe is the most successful glass producer in Turkey. By buying these glasses, you will get the best raki glasses from Turkey.
  • Size: These raki glasses are classic-sized. When you order raki in Turkey, you drink your raki with these type of glasses.
  • A Great Gift: This pack of raki glasses will be an awesome gift for your friends. Also, the gift will be an excuse to drink raki with the friend you give this pack. Think wiser when the topic is raki.
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Lugat 365 Raki Set