Morfose Anti Dandruff Lotion 75 Ml (2,53floz)

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People love their hair, and the hair is too important to the element of the first impression. We offer you to avoid the most annoying disorder in hair, dandruff, with our miraculous product Morfose Anti Dandruff Lotion. By using this lotion in your hair, you are able to prevent any dandruff on your hair. You can buy this effective anti dandruff lotion from Grandbazaarist.

Dandruff Active: There is dandruff active in this lotion. This ingredient prevents unwanted situations like the emergence of dandruff and over-sebum secretion production.

Panthenol: The panthenol ingredient in this anti dandruff lotion is effective in the case of dryness in the hair skin. So, the moistness level of your skin will be balanced as you want to.

B3 and B5 Vitamins: The B3 and B5 vitamins in the lotion helps your hair to strengthen the hair strands.

Menthol: Menthol is widely used in personal care products to add a refreshing effect.  When you use this anti dandruff lotion you will also feel alive like a newborn baby. Menthol will help you to get rid of the itchy feeling on your head. So, this lotion not only helps you to overcome dandruff but also the other effects of dandruff, too.

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Morfose Anti Dandruff Lotion 75 Ml (2,53floz)

Out of stock