Arifoglu Cleavers Herb 55 gr (1.94 oz)

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The fauna of Turkey includes several beneficial herbs for your health. One of them is Arifoglu Cleavers Herb 55 gr that you are able to order online this Cleavers Herb. People in Turkey use this wonderful herb to handle different types of health conditions. You can buy online this herb from

Use it As A Tonic: You can use cleavers herb from Turkey as a tonic while you are cleaning your face. This herb can make your skincare routine more efficient. To use cleaver’s herb as a tonic you should boil it in a pot. To apply your face, you should wait for it to cool down.

Gargle The Water in Your Mouth: If you are a subject of bad smell in your mouth, you can gargle the water you boiled with cleavers herb after it cooled down. This water will help you to get rid of the bad smell in your mouth.

Brew it: You can brew cleavers herb to get a night of better sleep. This herb may help you to fall asleep better.


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Arifoglu Cleavers Herb 55 gr (1.94 oz)