Black Friday

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Mystical traditional flavors

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Black friday grandbazaarist 1 1
Mystical traditional flavors
Selamlique gift package
Turkish hammam set

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Have you been thinking about Christmas gifts for months? Then, how about to choose your Christmas gifts in different styles this year?

If so, you can give your loved ones giftwares of historical Ottoman & Turkish bath culture, original tastes of today’s Turkish cuisine or a remarkable traditional and authentic chic piece of decorative for the most special corner of your home.

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Arifoğlu, Dogadan, Hacı Bekir, Hafiz Mustafa, Hazer Baba, Karaköy Gülloğlu, Safa Baklava, Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi, Selamlique, Arcelik, Balparmak which are the brands from past to present offer top quality products for you.

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Turkish coffee lokum

The freshly oriental flavors to your home..

Desserts were as important as the main course in Ottoman Cuisine and there was not even a dining table without dessert. This culture that belonging to Turkey still continues today with the same shape.

When you wander in Turkey streets, you can frequently encounter the most delicious and special flavor of the rich and famous Turkish cuisine. These dishes and desserts prepared with local ingredients and showing differences are indispensable and unforgettable for everyone.

If you want to reach the same authentic flavors from where you live, or share with your loved ones, you are in the right place. Because we deliver our quality products in the fastest and freshest way to all over the world.

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