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Anzer Balı Kooperatifi

The producer brand of the world famous Anzer Honey is Anzer Honey Cooperative

It protects the quality of Anzer honey and produces honey of superior quality standard. Anzer Honey Cooperative brand was established by the people of Anzer Ballı village. The founding members of the brand are completely residents and beekeepers of Anzer Ballı village.

How is Anzer Honey Analysis Performed?

Anzer honeys on are original and many imitation and counterfeit products are launched in the world. This is the most important thing to consider when buying Anzer honey. Anzer Honey Cooperative brand's honeys have document of the honey analysis of Turkey's oldest university Hacettepe University. 250 gram sample is sent to the Department of Applied Biology by the Anzer Honey Cooperative brand and examined.

In the Anzer Honey Analysis Report, the following analyzes are performed. 

  • Pollen analysis,
  • Whether honey is commercial sugar,
  • Moisture and glucose values,
  • Sucrose,
  • Hmf rate,

SS ANZER BALLIKÖYÜ KOOPERATİFİ ANZER BALI The original and conformity report of Anzer honey is transmitted to the brand in official form by Hacettepe University. Anzer honeys, in which the full compliance report is obtained and documented in the analysis, are filled in glass jars as 250 grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams in a hygienic environment.At the same time, the Anzer Honey Cooperative brand has the TSE certificate that is brand patents from the Turkish Patent Institute of Turkey's most important patent organization..

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