Turkey is the top country by the tea consumption per capita. Tea is an important part of the Turkish culture.  People drink brewed tea in the early morning, in the afternoon or at night, after dinner. Therefore, there are many tea brands in Turkey. However, the most famous one is Çaykur.  Çaykur has been producing and selling tea products since 1983. In Turkey, Çaykur holds 60-65% of tea market share.  You can find varieties of Çaykur products at Grandbazaarist and order which you want to taste most.  Çaykur Altınbaş Classic Turkish Tea,  Çaykur Anatolia Sprout Turkish Black TeaÇaykur Black Sea Bergamot  Flavored Turkish Black Tea  and many other types of Turkish black tea waits for you at our shop.

Buy Çaykur Products Online

Grandbazaarist offers you the best teas from Çaykur. You can easily browse them and then buy what you want.  We will deliver them to your home address in a fast and secure way.  You can find information about the products of Çaykur at our shop before ordering Çaykur products online.

For example, here is the general information about one of the most popular products of Çaykur, Çaykur Altınbaş Classic Tea;

Altınbaş Classic Tea is very popular among Turkish tea consumers. It is one of the most preferred tea products in Turkey.  This tea leaves a wonderful aftertaste and loved by many people because of that. It is really aromatic tea and has a unique flavor. Thus, we advise you to try it at least for once.

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