Kahve Dünyası

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Kahve Dünyası

Coffee has a special importance for Turkish people traditionally. Turkish people are used to drinking coffee when they come together since the Ottoman times. However, as some of you know,  a special type of coffee, Turkish coffee is the coffee that Turkish people drink. After 2000’s, other types of coffee started to become popular in Turkey  like filter coffee, espresso etc and Kahve Dünyası has a significant role in the introduction of other coffee types to Turkey. The famous brand was founded in 2004, in Istanbul and it still produces top quality coffee and some other types of beverages. If you want to buy traditional Turkish coffee or other beverages from Turkey, Kahve Dünyası is the perfect choice for you. The brand produces only top quality products and we are proud to offer them to you at our online shop.

Buy Kahve Dünyası Coffees Online at Grandbazaarist

Grandbazaarist offer you the best products of Kahve Dünyası. If you want to buy a traditional gift from Turkey to your loved ones, a Coffee set for  traditional Turkish coffee 100 gr x3 would be a great choice.  It has the classical flavor of famous Turkish coffee and it offers that coffee with a very stylish coffee cup and saucer.  The aroma and flavor of the coffee is really wonderful and your loved ones would be more than happy after they taste it with these stylish cup.

Order Kahve Dünyası Salep Online

Salep is a very popular Turkish beverage which is made of milk and orchid roots. It is usually drunk in the cold winter days.  It has really a unique aroma and flavor. You can not compare it with another drink you’ve drunk before.  This can has 400 grams of salep in it and you can have several cups of salep from one can.  We advise you to buy it and give it a chance at least for once.

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