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Tea is a very important beverage in the Turkish culture. Turkey is by far the number 1 country, in the lists of tea consumption by country per capita. Turkish people traditionally brew tea. Although the tea is consumed in many countries by adding hot water on the teabags, Turkish people generally do not like it. They brew tea in teapots and then drink it. Steel is the best material for a teapot according to Turkish traditions. If you visit Turkey and like traditional Turkish tea, and want to brew it at your home, or you are just wondering about it, you can buy Korkmaz teapots at Grandbazaarist online.  Korkmaz is the best brand to buy teapot to brew tea in the traditional Turkish way. Korkmaz has been producing teapots and other kitchen utensils since 1972. It is the best Turkish brand to buy teapot. We have many types of Korkmaz teapots at our website and you can buy them online just clicking what you want. They will be delivered to your home address in the fastest and most secure way.

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There are different types of teapot sets from Korkmaz at Grandbazaarist. They differ in shapes or styles. You can buy the ones you want after browsing our shop. You can find the one that is suitable for you. One of the most popular teapot sets is Turkish Tea Pot Set Goldia. the surface is made of  18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel and the handle is also stainless steel.  It could be a perfect choice to brew Turkish tea in a traditional way. It is also ergonomic and you can easily find a space for it in your kitchen.

We have also different options such as Turkish Tea Pot Set Roza that you can order online.  It is also made of stainless steel and perfect for brewing Tea. It has an aesthetically pleasing appearance with its red handle.  All of them are waiting for you at our online shop.

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